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Please review the Resolution to Amend the Articles of Incorporation for the Hillsborough High School Alumni Association, Inc.  The Association may be contacted through the Association's Facebook Page.

Welcome Terrier Alumni!!

Welcome to the official Hillsborough High School Alumni Association website. HHSAA was established in 1985 and this website was created in 2008 for all Terriers. It's FREE to be on here, but we hope you will also want to become an official lifetime member of the Hillsborough High School Alumni Association if you aren't already. It's easy. Click here to pay online or complete the application and mail it in.

Lifetime membership only $25 for a one-time fee. No annual dues. Members receive a newsletter at least three times a year and reunion assistance. Also, the association helps in multiple ways by awarding scholarships, helping the school's student organizations, and continuing to help our administration when needed.

The Hillsborough High School Alumni Association's Board offers this site for all Terriers to keep in touch, coordinate reunions and events, and provide information about all things for Terriers. Becoming a member of the alumni association will help us continue to offer all of these great services to you and to future Terriers. Please join today and become an official member !!!

-Your Alumni Board



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Established 1985

Serving Terriers Past, Present & Future 

PO BOX 8319

TAMPA FL 33674-8319

2023-2024 Board of Directors

President: Joseph Abene c/o 1967
1st VP: David Caldevilla c/o 1980
2nd VP: Juan Perez c/o 1981
3rd VP: Tanly Cabrera c/o 1975
Treasurer: Lenny Gonzalez c/o 1980 
Secretary: Maria Roca c/o 1978
Historian: Rex Gordon c/o 1984
Past Pres: Mike Hurley c/o 1980


Pamela Blount Reynolds c/o 1972
Janice Harvey-Vogt c/o 1975
Patricia Johnson Gonzalez c/o 1980
Wanda Johnson Harrell c/o '88

Auxiliary Members
Charles Harkness c/o 1960
Jeannette Harper Noble c/o 1970
Carlos Diaz c/o 1971
Georgene Johnson Diaz c/o 1979
Mathew Moreno c/o 2023
Madelyn Perrone c/o 2025 (student liaison)
Honorary Directors
Digna (Rusty) Garcia Maynor c/o 1950
Ed Denison c/o 1961
Charles Lopez c/o 1963
Tonya Cosgrove c/o 1984